Our dearest old soul. The one who started it all. Forever in our hearts and memories.

October 11, 1999 to July 21, 2012
By Thompson's Bondhu Chase
Out of Blue Angel Annibelle.

Jake, Summer 2012
June 2012

Jake was our first Llewellin. He was beautiful, graceful, and athletic, and he had wise, soulful eyes. Not only did him look smart, but he was smart. My dad called him our "college boy." He was our faithful friend, patient teacher, devoted family member, and dedicated hunter. He produced beautiful, talented pups that have touched the lives of many families just as he touched our lives. He was often an inspiration and motivation to me, and had he not been so incredible a dog, we wouldn't have become so passionate about the breed and pursued our endeavors with Llews. We love him and will do so forever.

Jake loved hunting, and if he wasn't in the field, he was looking for tweeties and bugs at home. At home, we used to do a pheasant flutter sound and say, "Jake, where's the bird!?" and he would just go nuts searching the property. He had fun whether or not he found anything. He would lay in an open crate the the bed of a truck for hours, obviously waiting to go hunting. We have many fond memories of hunts with him growing up. He was a natural and very easy to hunt with.

What was more than his passion for hunting, was his unconditional love for us. He was happy just to be near us and was as content as could be to just lay a paw on our lap or arm. He was always a favorite with guests and family. His calm, friendly demeanor made him an fast friend to young children, and he was always as gentle and patient as could be.

As a child, I spent a lot of time playing with and training Jake--he loved doing his tricks and always put great effort into doing what I asked. He was my "horse substitute" so I built jumps and obstacles for him and he humored me. I got him a pulling harness and had him pack and pull things around, sleds included. He put up with me grooming him for hours on end with horrible clippers. He pranced as proudly as any show dog when we practiced doing conformation gaits. He went camping with us and went on bike rides with me.

Jake was diagnosed with a severe Cushings disorder and it took a hard toll on him in his last year, despite various treatments. He spent his last spring and summer blind, deaf, arthritic, and because of the Cushings dealt with constant digestive issues. The quality of life issue was on the table every day since May, but with a lot of care by us, we were able to maintain him reasonably comfortably. While we realized we would likely have to euthanize him by mid-August due to recent decrease in his mobility, his natural death quite shocked us. He had just finished his breakfast and was getting up to go to the bathroom, and he stumbled so I helped him back up... to "find his legs." With a cry of pain, his hind right leg gave out again, so I tried to pet him through it while he lay on the grass. It was surreal as I watched him pass away--I didn't even register at first that he was dying until he was gone. It still seems hard to believe that he died. We expected to lose him, but we thought we would be the ones making that decision.... I am glad I was with him in the end and that he went fast but wish that he hadn't been in pain. He did not deserve to be in pain at the end. He deserved peace and calm and all the best that life could have given him.

While we are greatly saddened by our loss, we know it was time, maybe even past time. Still, it is a very difficult thing to see our loved ones go. I hope he knows how much we love him and that he enjoyed his life with our family. He never let us down, regardless that we had done so. He was the perfect dog for our family and will be missed and remembered by us forever.

For Jake, here's to an eternity of hunting the fields above us and being surrounded by our other well loved family members. May you know only love, peace, and happines. We love you.


Our constant and loving companion.

March 1994 to July 26, 2011

Levi, April 2011

Words cannot express how much we loved our cat, Levi. We got him on Logan's sixth birthday from our grandmother. Our years growing up as a family were completed by Levi, who was a special friend to us each. He usually slept with my parents, often between them and laying on his back, with his head on a pillow. He loved to play with caps and bouncing balls and batted them all around our house. He loved homemade rolls and doughnuts and would balance on his hind legs to reach them. He loved lounging on us on the sofas and climbing onto our laps when we worked on our computers--and on many occasions would lay on our keyboards. He loved sitting on the piano bench and sometimes climbed onto the keys when we played. He was friendly with everyone and even tolerated the many dogs and puppies that adored him. He used to put up--very patiently--with me dressing him in dolls clothes (bonnett included) and strapping him into a doll stroller for walks through the neighborhood. He never failed to play with the ribbons and beads that we got out every holiday season to decorate the christmas trees. He loved to stick his paws under closed doors to bat at and play with whoever was on the other side. He could be very demanding when it came to his breakfast and dinner and eventually refused to eat without a nice topping of treats. Sophie loved him and was obviously enthralled when she got to "give Mr. Kitty kisses." Our cherished memories go on and on....

With his old age came hyperthyroidism, a severe heart murmur, a fluid or mass compromised lung, and an aggressive tumor in his abdomen. When treatments and pain medications no longer sufficed, we had to make one of the most difficult decisions in our lives and have him put to sleep. My mom and I stayed with him during his final moments.

We will always love and miss our Levi, and we all think about him often. We couldn't have grown up with a better cat.



Another well loved girl that will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

July 3, 2009 to June 2011
By Saika Deuce
Out of Dashing Lady Sophia.

Fancy and Bella
Bella's (right) first birthday.

Bella was a beautiful, fun, and bouncy little Llew. Her family knew her as their "flower child." Her short life was filled by a loving family and youthful adventures. We were greatly saddened by the news that she was put to sleep after ongoing serious health issues, thought--after extensive diagnosis and treatment--to have been cause by a foxtail. We think about her often and are sure her family does, too.



A life much too short but filled with happiness and love.

June 18, 2008 to November 20, 2008
By Highfly'n Royal Agate
Out of Highfly'n Royal Amber.

Brodhi was an amazing puppy with a personality that won us over. Brodhi was as active and fun as any puppy ever could hope to be and insisted that the world was his playground and its inhabitants were all his buddies. He was certainly our buddy. He was smart, playful, bold, social, and nosy, not to mention handsome, with eyes that were expressive, bright, and soft. This guy loved to cuddle, too, and was often our shadow when he wasn't busy. We loved taking him to the fields where he'd explore, occasionally catching scent of something wonderful, and splash through puddles. There was so much potential in him, and we regret that his opportunities were cut so short.

We love Brodhi dearly and will miss his lively ways. There are many memories I have of our special boy.

We have a ton of photos of Brodhi, so in time, I will get them sorted and post his albums on the site. Brodhi was quite the photogenic pup.


Little Treasure

A beautiful girl ever true to her name.

February 1, 2006 to April 14, 2009
By Rocco's Gallantries
Out of Dashing Lady Sophia.

Little Treasure was as precious as her name implies. She grew into a gorgeous dog with a personality that stole the hearts of her family and friends. LT was an outgoing, loyal, sweetheart. Her life was split between her home in Alaska, where she was spoiled rotten and loved unconditionally, and the fields of South Dakota, where her family hunted on their uplander's paradise property. LT spend two seasons in SD and did an awesome job last fall; her family couldn't wait to take her back this year. We hope she has found Brodhi, Sophie, and Rusty as companions in the fields of Heaven. This girl loved the hunt.

As dear as LT was to her family, her time with them was cut short. On April 14th, she was hit by a car and passed away swiftly, with no prolonged pain. We are so sorry for her family's loss, as we truly know the love and happiness that our Llewellins, and all pets, bring to our lives. Although LT can never be replaced, we do look forward to the day when another of our pups will be lucky enough to find itself in the arms of Dave and Mary. A dog could not be loved more than was their Little Treasure.

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Dashing Petite Sophie

A little girl with a big heart.

June 18, 2004 to August 19, 2008
By Rocco's Gallantries
Out of Dashing Lady Sophia.


Sophie was by far the littlest Llew out of Sophie and Jake's litters. Before we finally gave her the name of Jessie, her id was "runt girl." I don't think she weighed thirty pounds full grown. She had a winning personality, and when we got to take her on her first hunting trips, we knew she'd make someone an awesome hunting partner. Sure enough, this sweet pup won the heart of her owner and best friend when he took her home at five months old. When she was only six months old, she pointed and retrieved a pheasant. We loved hearing from her owner because he always had new, exciting stories and successes to tell us about Sophie. We were so pleased when they brought Sophie to visit for a few minutes a couple years later; she was just as busy, eager, and happy as ever. This girl did all she could to please her family and her family did all they could to make sure she had one of the best lives a dog could have. She was pampered and loved greatly. As a four-legged family member, she got to go along on fishing trips, when she'd swim or hang out in the boat, and vacations, like Death Valley hiking/camping trips. Best of all, she got to spend a lot of time out in the fields, where she got to show off her intelligence and stylish, talented hunting skills.

Sadly, after three days in IC, Sophie passed away due to acute renal failure. Her vets couldn't determine the illness that caused her condition.

We are so sorry for the loss this family has suffered. Dear Sophie had a wonderful life that many breeders can only wish for for their pups. We hope that, when their hearts are mended, they will give another bird dog an opportunity to be a member of their special family.

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Rock's Rusty Gun

Our family's first dog, to whom we owe a great deal.

November 2, 1996 to November 24, 1999
German Wirehair Pointer
Sire: RK's Shotgun Ally
Dam: Am CH Topmost Windfall of Danters

Rusty was a dog that was always ready for more. He was an active fellow that was born to hunt and had tremendous drive, toughness, and stamina in the field. Although he was a pretty gentle family dog, some people were intimidated by his size. He was not only large, but he also was strong and had energy to burn. Rusty loved to play with his squeeky alligator toy and play fetch. He enjoyed camping trips and hiking, and he tolerated being designated the "army dog" when we used to dig trenches and forts and pretend some foreign enemy was an eminant risk. What stands out most in the memories of some, though, was his propensity for drooling! In addition to having some serious hangers, his beard soaked up drool like the world's most effective sponge.

Rusty had to be put down after a traumatic car accident. He was the dog that changed our lives. The guilt I felt for many years was what drove me to taking better care for and greater responsibility towards all of our animals and learn more about vet/med, training, and behavior. I wouldn't be on the path I'm on if it wasn't for Rusty Dog.

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