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2011 & 2012

Sorry, we've had a couple busy years! Please check back in January 2013; we have plans to keep this page more up to date.


AVMA issues policy guidance for dog breeders and retailers May 21 See Background and Model Bill.
Lesson on Longevity From Shy Dogs
May 21
Dogs Helped Kids Improve Reading Fluency
May 21
Gene Therapy Cures Canines of Inherited Form of Day Blindness
April 22
10 things you must know about animal rights March 18
Nature's Valley Variety expands chicken recall March 16
Studies Detail Possible Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Dogs With Arthritis
March 16
Swiss Vote Down Animal Lawyers March 16
Federal Racketeering Lawsuit Stuns HSUS Feb 26
USDA licenses DNA vaccine for treatment of melanoma dogs Feb 26
Canine compulsive disorder gene identified in dogs Feb 26
A new take on why social cues confuse babies and dogs... Feb 26
Renowned canine researcher puts dogs' intelligence on par with 2-year-old human Feb 26
Dogs can visually categorize color photos and use a touch-screen computer (Older news but interesting!) Feb 26
Wide variation in calorie content among 'low calorie' pet food Feb 25


Children Should Not Be Left Unsupervised with Dogs Feb 24
If You're Aggressive, You're Dog Will Be Too Feb 18
Peanut Butter Salmonella Infects Dogs in Oregon
Feb 10
One in Three Smokers Would Quit for Sake of Pets, US Study Feb 10
Caution to Dog Owners About Chicken Jerky Products Jan 01



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