Basic Information

Generally, we'll only have puppies for sale, which will be listed on the Available Puppies page. If we ever have started dogs available, they'll be listed there, too. Our selling terms apply to those animals only.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from Rock Llewellin Setters, please send in your Puppy Request Form afer filling it out and reading it, which will provide us information about your lifestyle and that which you may provide for the dog.* We realize it is quite a comprehensive form, and we appreciate the time you put into thoughtfully completing it. Having direct experience with shelters, rescues, and dogs who didn't deserve the cards they were dealt, has given us a bit of a unique perspective on breeding dogs and the responsibility that comes along with that. We want to be sure our puppies go to committed, loving homes, and we want our clients to be happy with their choice! Also, no single answer will make or break your ability to purchase a puppy from us--we look at it as a whole--so please don't feel like we are expecting a certain response.

Once we get the form, one of us will get in contact with you for further discussion, and if approved, you will be put on the Waiting List. You can fill out a form and send it to us without a specific litter listed or not; we've had some extraordinarily patient clients wait several years for a litter with us. If a litter is announced, please expect our Waiting List to fill up accordingly.

We'll let everyone know when the pregnancy is confirmed; at that time we will start taking deposits. When sending your deposit, you'll need to specify sex of the pup preferred; we will not reserve according to color. The Waiting List order, not the deposit order, will determine the picking order. If we don't have the specified sex of the pup that you want, you may take the other, wait for the next litter, or get a refund on your deposit. Also, while it is up to you to choose a pup on your own, since we are familiar with the pups, we will suggest those in the litter which would be most compatible. Lastly, if you are on the Waiting List but we haven't received your deposit by the time the puppies are 35 days old, you will be notified/reminded. If we still haven't received it by day 42, then the puppy picking process will proceed and you will not be able to pick until the deposit is received (regardless of Waiting List order). No puppies will be reserved without a deposit. (It may sound complicated, but considering how eager our clients are to send in their deposits, this has never been an issue.)

Pups will be evaluated, priced, and chosen no earlier than six weeks of age. We'll let you know when it is your pick. We encourage you to schedule a visit to meet the pups after they've had their first vaccination. Ideally, everyone will decide on their pup between six and eight weeks of age, so that everything is in order when the pups are ready to be transferred at nine weeks.

Buyer must be the person taking care of the dog; RLS will not sell puppies to third parties or as surprises. Should a person wish to buy a pup as a gift, RLS requires the Puppy Request Form to be completed and the Bill of Sale to be signed by the person receiving the pup. Also, the Llewellin may not be later sold/given away without expressed and signed agreement from us, to ensure it will always be in an appropriate home (see Puppy Request for further info), and he must NEVER be surrendered to a shelter or rescue--owner/buyer needs to contact us in any event they cannot keep the dog.

As a buyer, you will receive a signed copy of the Bill of Sale, Pedigree, FDSB registration papers, Health Record, Nutrition Information, Spay and Neuter Information, Recommendations, and Familiar Commands and Schedule. You should be familiar with and willing to comply with the conditions stated on the Bill of Sale. Puppies will be fully weaned by nine weeks and will be expected to go to their new homes around nine weeks old. Additional late-pickup charges may be applied to the purchase price if the puppy remains at RLS after ten weeks of age to cover the cost of feeding, vet expenses, and training. LATE-PICKUP CHARGES: $20 per week until sixteen weeks of age. Older pups' rates to be determined at necessary time. Payment in full (reserving-deposit deducted) is required before Bill of Sale is signed and puppy is released from RLS's ownership.

We would prefer to meet everyone who takes home one of our pups and highly recommend our buyers make the drive/flight here to pick up their pup. If this is not a possibility, we can arrange to ship the pup by air if the distance/flight seems reasonable for a young pup. Shipping expenses are the buyers' responsibility, which will be applied to the purchase price of the pup.

*Because of our great concern for each dog we raise, we reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone at any time for any reason. We also reserve this right so that you don't end up with a dog we know isn't exactly what you're looking for. Either way, we are happy to help you find another dog; over the years, we have given out hundreds of referrals to breeders we trust.

Pricing Information Etc**

The reservation deposit mentioned above is $150. This deposit will be deducted from the total purchase price.

$800 for a Breeding, Hunting, and Pet Quality Female
$750 for a Breeding, Hunting, and Pet Quality Male
$750 for a Hunting and Pet Quality Female
$700 for a Hunting and Pet Quality Male

**Prices are subject to change. Prices vary due to RLS-determined quality, which will be evaluated no earlier than six weeks of age. RLS can make no guarantee that said pups will mature into breeding quality dogs, understandably, but the BHP label at six-nine weeks old will be given to those pups that lack the immediate undesired traits as far as RLS can determine. Prices may later vary due to age and training.

Aside from all the standard vet care, the puppies will be microchipped with their registration fee included. We used to make chips optional, but because they are so important in lost/found dogs and ownership issues, all puppies will leave with one registered to the Buyer as owner, with us as their emergency contact. As the emergency contact, we will also store as many other contacts and care information as Buyer wishes.

If the buyer is planning to have to pup shipped to him/her, RLS will need to be contacted ahead of time, so that we can make the plans for shipping. Some basic expenses for shipping include handling, shipping carriers, airfare, and veterinary-approved health certificates. These costs are NOT included in the price. Buyer will be responsible for shipping expenses and must pay separately RLS for these expenses, which must be received prior to shipping.

RLS advises that not all dogs should be bred (far fewer than actually are, in our opinion). RLS recommends Hunting and Pet Quality dogs to be spayed and neutered at an appropriate age, for which RLS already deducts a portion of the purchase price, and that extra caution and knowledge be in place to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the meantime. (See our listed articles on the subject.)

If a pup is sold as BHP quality, RLS expects that the owner uses his or her best judgment when considering breeding, in regards to the mature quality of the dog in hunting, temperament, conformation, and health; such individuals will need to stay in contact with us. We would be happy to evaluate the dogs, assist in finding a suitable breeding match, help find homes, etc. We hope that such owners will carefully read through our goals and mission and adopt the same or similar.

Although RLS strives to breed healthy puppies, there are always possibilities of congenital or genetic defects because of nature itself and the nature/history of our breed. If RLS is selling a puppy that has a known congenital or genetic defect, the buyer will be informed of it and may choose to not buy the puppy. If the buyer does buy the puppy, he accepts responsibility for the condition. If it needs treatment and is in RLS's possession when it is old enough to receive it, RLS may complete the procedure at no further addition or deduction for the buyer.

Lastly, while we have no stipulation that says buyers must stay in contact with us, we always appreciate updates and are happy to offer help/advise whenever its needed. Feedback also helps guide our breeding program. We invest so much time and effort into each pup, and we really do care about them and think of them often.



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