Each puppy or dog sold from RLS will receive the following papers: Sending Jake Out for the Hunt

Nutritional Information: This packet contains updated general information about choosing the right dog foods, feeding guidelines, nutritional requirements, and the puppy's current feeding regimen.

Health Record: All medical procedures, such as vaccinations, dewormings, exams, and surgeries are recorded, as well as suggested vaccination/worming schedule.

RLS Pedigree: This pedigree is unofficial but accurate; official pedigrees can be sent for from the FDSB when the puppy is registered. RLS's pedigree contains a minimal five generation tracing, as well as an explanation on how to read pedigrees, obtain FDSB registration papers and pedigree, and guidelines on naming your pup.

Recommendations: RLS will include a list of links, suppliers, associations, and books that have been found to be useful.Soph wants her bird back!

Spay/Neuter Information: This paper takes into account the potential negative health effects of early spay/neuter, in addition to the commonly presented advantages. While we recommend the spaying/neutering of pets, the time of the surgery should always be considered on a case by case basis, for the overall long-term health of the animals, especially performance/working/hunting dogs. For more information, click here.

Familiar Commands and Schedule: If RLS is placing an older pup, then a list of commands, rules, and routines that the pup is used to, in order to ease transition and lessen any confusion and frustration on the part of both the owner and pup.


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