Litter RD104
Five Weeks Old

By Rocco's Gallantries, Out of Dashing Lady Sophia

Born June 18, 2004

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Eight Weeks Old To go to Morgan's page, please click here.
Rocco's Dashing Morgan is a beautiful, well-built, medium-feathered bitch. She has a very sweet, biddable temperament, with tons of personality and is always on the go. Morgan’s got awesome hunting natural hunting abilities. She's a hard worker and has an intense and stylish point. She has a permanent home here at RLS as a hunting partner and family companion.

Six Weeks Old Hank here at RLS for "boarding" in 2006. To see Hank's page, please click here!
Hank is a large, handsome dog, with light coloring and a proportionate build, slightly larger than his sire. As a puppy he was very loveable, with a faultless easy-going and comical personality, and was buddies with everybody. Hank had a good nose, loved birds, and had a stylish, patient point. He did great on his first hunt with the Rocks and is doing well living and hunting locally with his family. We've had the opportunity to take care of Hank at our place a couple times while his family was away, and he was a joy to have.

Eight weeks old To see Josie's page, please check back soon!
Josie is a stunning bitch, with abundant ticking and feathering. She has the medium build that we love, and she is put together very nicely. As a pup, Josie was a sweetheart, whose temperament was more than agreeable. This pup was always bound to excel in the field. She showed excellent point form at six weeks old. She was extremely birdy as a puppy, but she left RLS before the Rocks got the chance to take her out in the field. We've heard Josie has been very successful in the field, impressing several seasoned upland hunters. In her early years, Josie was said to be "incomparable" to the bird dogs hunting alongside her by someone who wasn't even her owner! This gorgeous, sweet girl died in a car accident before her time.

Nine weeks old, sitting on the Rock patio

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Her tribute from us is here.

Bondhu's Petite Sophia was a cute, little girl with medium ticking and feathering. During her time at RLS, she was an absolute love and had an endearing personality. She went on four to five hunts with us, from four to five months of age, and did great. She was more of an independent hunter but consistently honored the other dogs’ points. Her own points were the steadiest of all the pups’, yet she kept her intenseness and form. Sophie also had an awesome nose. On her first hunt with the new owner, at six months of age, she pointed and retrieved a rooster pheasant, and on a following duck hunt, when she was just tagging along, she retrieved a duck from a pond! This girl had lots of success with her training and hunting with her wonderful family, who enjoyed her at home, in the field, and in all their outtings. We always loved hearing from them; sadly, in August 2008 she passed away from acute renal failure after three days in IC from unknown causes.

Eight weeks old Ten Months Old To see Elsie's page, please click here!
Elsie was an adorable puppy and has turned out to be a very beautiful Llewellin. She is of medium build, with moderately thick feathering and symmetrical markings; her head has the classical English form. Elsie maintains a very intense point with superb form. She had a sweet temperament and enjoyed spending time with us in the house almost as much as her first outtings with us in the field. The Rocks were pleased to hear that Elsie was taken to the field, at about four months and was successful with a couple points and retrieves. At two years old, we were told that Elsie was the birdiest dog her owner has ever owned and had just completed another great hunting season in 2006. When Elsie was six, her owners could no longer safely contain her, so she spent two years hunting up a storm with her second family. Unfortunately, her urge to get out of her yard and go hunt caused issues with her second family's landlord, so she is now back with us. She lives with Chelsea, Sophie, and Champ, and visits our family home occasionally--we are pleased to say she's done well with training and has transitioned well into the family as a house dog. (She's also quite satisfied to stay in the yard since she has a flirt pole to play with.)

Litter RD206
Two Weeks Old

By Rocco's Gallantries, Out of Dashing Lady Sophia

Born February 1, 2006

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Toby (RD206MTr)
2008 To see Toby's page, please click here!
Rocks Tobyhanna Bondhu is a large white, black, and tan ticked male, built very much like his sire. Toby was a very personable pup that loved to be with people, play, & cuddle. He is part of the wonderful family of Glen and Barb Hayes, who enjoy his fun personality and incredible talent in the field! In Fall 2006 Toby started being worked with a gun dog trainer who was quite impressed by him. By eight months old, his owner had bagged all of the available species of birds over Toby's points. He'd even made his first water retrieve! The Rocks were sent his final tally for his 2007 season; at less than two years of age, he had 50 pheasant, 20 sharpies, and multiple quail shot over him; his season 08-09 report was outstanding as well. They've said he is second best to none, in finding birds or holding points, of the various dogs with whom he'd been afield. Breeders, trainer, and owners are happy with all of the progress this "Top Dog" (as the Rocks used to refer to him) continues to make in the field. Toby is a a first class gun dog.

Rudy (RD206MTy)
Brrr... It's cold after a swim! To see Rudy's page, please check back soon!
Rock Solid Rudy had a sweet, friendly, personality but still loved to play and was very agile. Confident and independent in that he often explored on his own and investigated new, intimidating objects. Rudy is a social, personable, and sensitive guy and was definitely the pup that the Rocks had the hardest time giving up. At eleven weeks, his point form was perfect! His intense, steady, focused points were complete with ruler-straight tail and lifted leg. Rudy went on several hunts during his first season of Fall 2006 and performed with lots of impressive, natural talent. He has an incredible nose and has hunted, pointed, and retrieved pheasant and quail, with cover making little difference. It was said that his work on quail in a thick creek bottom a couple of weeks ago might have made a Lab look bad! Rudy's family is very happy him, the almost-faultless dog, and "has no reason but to expect even more good things in the future."

Drake (RD206MSy)
10 Months Old on Point during first season hunt To see Drake's page, please click here!
Rocco's Dauntless Drake is a handsome chestnut belton, that looks just like his father but in a totally different color. Drake was a sweet pup that loved attention. He was easy-going, observant, and liked to play and snuggle with people. Drake was lower on the dominance scale in this litter but didn't like to be bullied. He had nice point form at a young age and a great personality that is now being appreciated by the Biddlecomb family. Drake had an outstanding first hunting season on quail that was full of improvements and success. While his retrieving needed work in the beginning of the season and some covey were bumped, his owner said he had many great points that were rock solid. By the end of the season, Drake had a nose that could scent quail at 30+ yards with a hunting ability that continued to impress his owner. Off the field, Drake has made a great pet for the young family. We heard a had a great 08-09 season, mostly hunting quail and going on a fun chukar hunting trip in Nevada. He's solid on points and has a natural back. We're all proud of this guy, too.

Abigail (RD206FAl)
Almost One Year Old To see Abigail's page, please click here!
Abigail is a petite, pretty, chestnut belton female with an endearing personaility. She was a real sweetheart, as she loved to snuggle and give puppy kisses. Abby was very playful and confident and was the least dominant of the females. Although she, too, had great potential for the hunting field, she is now a companion that will divide her time between Alaska and New York. She will however be worked with like a bird dog and spends several hours a day working the Alaskan wilderness. The Rocks were pleased to hear from Abby's owner that she is "quite a dog" and his bud. She apparently has mastered a hilarious dog grin and greets everyone that she meets with it.

Little Treasure (RD206FBt)
Hunting in Alaska, 2006 To see LT's page, please click here!

LT is a gorgeous tri-belton female, with a conformation close to Elsie, Morgan, Rudy and Josie. She is heavily ticked and feathered out beautifully. LT was an absolutely wonderful pup that we adored! Her points were very intense and nicely formed as a young pup. She was a sweetheart that loved to please people. She enjoyed playing, exploring, and cuddling and was confident and responsive. She is now living with great folks, who hunt over her at home in Alaska and at their property in South Dakota. She's got a buddy, too, in Dusky, their Novia Scotia Tolling Retriever. She's a lucky girl! We always enjoy hearing from them. She's turned out very nice, what more can we say!

April 2009: We have to share the unhappy news of LT's passing in a devastating accident. Her small tribute from us is here.

Beverly (RD206FBy)
Seven months old in the driveway. To see Beverly's page, please click here!
We had Beverly until she was about seven months old and knew what a sweet girl she was. She loved to explore and play with the big dogs. She was active, bold, social, outgoing, intelligent, and determined. A pretty white, black & tan ticked pup with a lean, balanced conformation to boot! At four months old she had beautiful steady points, with a high, straight tail, very consistant actions and lots of natural bird instinct. With her new owner in CO, during her first season in 2006, Bev got to go on several big hunting trips; while she had her "downs" the first two days, they were closely followed by countless "ups" hunting with the big dogs and in total did quite well, especially for a pup not even ten months old. With four hunts left in the season, the Rocks were told by her owner that he'd shot about 60 wild birds over her.

Waine (RD206MWe)

Six Months Old

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Waine was a sweet teddy-bear guy that enjoyed exploring new places but still adored and craved attention. He had a medium amount of dominance and was confident and responsive to training because he just wanted to please people. Waine is a gorgeous dog with heavy ticking and feathering & conformation similar to his sire; he will be a classy dog to hunt behind. While he was found to need more work in the field during his first hunting season, Waine has a nice point and natural affinity for retrieving. Given more experience, he will make a productive and classy all-around bird dog.

Litter SD109
September 2nd, 2009. Pretty Puppies!

By Saika Deuce (see right), Out of Dashing Lady Sophia (Pedigree Here)

Born July 3, 2009

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In the meantime, here are some video clips (.wmv):

Feeding Frenzy (1 wk) Sea Legs (2 wks)
Eat, Sleep, Eat... (3 wks) Puppy Twitches
Puppy Playtime (4 wks) Puppy Nursery (4+ wks)
First Time Outside  

Fancy (SD109F1)

To see Fancy's page, please click here!

Fancy was such a sweetheart, a little softer than the others, and quite a bit more dramatic! She loved to be perched upon someone's lap, and she went through a very cute "talking" phase.... She's going to be gorgeous and look quite a bit like her mama Sophie. Fancy was very leggy, for which Dad liked to call her "Fancy Dancer." She's living with her sister Bella in Washington, being loved by the family that had the now passed Sophie, out of Sophie and Jake. Fancy has grown into a gorgeous little huntress and is all business in the field.

Ringo (SD109M1)

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Our Ringo, now Winston, had a face that could melt our hearts! His eyes had taken longer to change color so they were always a shade lighter than the others' and he was a fluffball of a puppy! He was so spunky and playful, but so sweet and one of the more easy-going pups of the bunch. Ringo was also quite the model for photos! He now lives in Idaho with a nice couple and their labs. Our last report from his owners was that he was doing very well and a joy to be around. He was going out pheasant and quail hunting this past season as a youngster and was improving each time.

Bella (SD109F2)

To see Bella's page, please click here.
Bella fit her name precisely. She was just beautiful. Of course, Rascal would have been just as fitting because she was a fiery little gal! She and Callie were always trying to see just who'd be "top dog." Bella, too, thought should be a lap dog, and when she was done playing, was very content to crawl onto a lap and snuggle.... She loved to give me scares and find the most reclusive hidden places to take her naps.... She was living with her sister Fancy in Washington, until she was humanely euthanized due to an acute medical condition that she came down with after a weekend hunting that the doctors were unable to treat or diagnose after extensive attempts.

Lucy (SD109SG1)

To see Lucy's page, please click here!

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Lucy was a special puppy; if we were keeping a female from this litter, she'd have been it. She was bold and confident and very playful. She had Big Dog Syndrome and was always trying new things and exploring (ie getting into mischief!). Not to mention, Lucy is just gorgeous! She had tons of prey drive and point at a young age and was just a great all-around pup. She's got a great home with a family (and five other dogs) in New York. We're lucky enough to hear from her "dad" frequently and receive great photos. (We'll add those in time, promise!)

Champ (SD109M2)

To see Champ's page, please click here! (Baby pics.)

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Champ is a very special puppy who had been fighting to live from day one. He's doing great now, though! Thank you everyone for your help and prayers for him. (Click here to read his story.) Throughout his life, Champ has loved everyone and everything, and has always been a source of smiles for young and old alike. He's got a home here with us, and is our completely spoiled house dog. To see his main RLS page with more current info/pics, please click here.

Maddie (SD109SG2)

To see Maddie's page, please click here!

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Simply put, Maddie was a ham. She always brought a smile to our faces.... She was goofy and sweet, a little more laid back than the others, and more independent, usually off doing her own thing. Of course, she worshipped the big dogs and loved to play. Her other thing was liking to perch on or hide under... anything! I remember when she was six or seven weeks old, and I was trying to track down pups to put them in the kennel for nap time. I was just about in panic mode, when I checked the vegetable garden, and there was Maddie, fast asleep between the rows of zinnias, with just her little face sticking out of the "puppy jungle." Maddie was a character... we'll miss her along with everyone else! She's now in Washington with her family and another field ES. We have received a couple nice updates about Maddie; she's doing great, gets along with Pearl, and being worked with a lot on training. They sent us a bundle of photos, and she's gorgeous.... They took her hunting starting in Fall 2010 to South Dakota where she did awesome in the field and continues to be a great hunter and pet. We're so proud of her!




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Sire of the Litter

Name: Saika Deuce
Sire: Buckaroo Bondhu
Dam: Blue Mist
FDSB#: 1550511, DNA
OFA Hips: Good
Bred by Jim Yeryar of Buckaroo Bondhu Llewellin Kennels
Owned by Ron Wilson of Cannonball Setters.
Weight: Appr. 45 lbs
Height: Appr. 24 in
Color: White, Black, and Tan Ticked


Saika is a beautiful mid-sized male with a very friendly and affectionate temperament. He's been hunted extensively in Washington and Montana on pheasant, quail, sharpies, and huns since he was four months old. As you can see in his photos, he has nice style on point; he hunts in a close range. His pups have made excellent bird dogs as well.








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