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Whelped Oct. 6, 2002 - Tri-Belton - FDSB Registered - DNA Certified - OFA Good Hips

Photo'd at 10 years old.


Hunting and Training
Sophie is a wonderful hard working, snappy little dog that does especially good on quail. Hunting in 2006She is confident, bold, and tough in the field. While she will run out further than the others with a medium range, she is still reliable and biddable. Soph does great on rough terrain and and paces herself well throughout the hunt. She has tons of natural and instinctive hunting ability. Sophie has a beautiful and intense point that's high-tailed and proudly stood. She's also got lots of stamina & drive and she naturally honors other dogs' points. Pattern-wise, we let her develop on her own; it's instinctive for her to quarter (wide/far) to an extent but she'll usually get to hunting where the birds are likely to be found. She is very focused on hunting and loves being out there.

Having plenty of attitude and charisma, Sophie is the dog to have. She is a very sweet, loving, loyal, and devoted girl that loves to be with her people. She's got an awesome, occasionally haughty, attitude and is rather silly. She loves to put on goofy shows for whoever's watching. Even though she's the "queen bee" of the pack, she's not got an aggressive bone in her body. Sophie is lively, alert, brimming over with spunk, yet can be calm and gentle when need be. She is very good with children and has a high tolerance of their behavior. Sophie is very smart, biddable, and attentive, too. She's very friendly and easy-going when we make trips to new places or she meets new people. She loves spending time inside the house with us and and is an excellent house dog. She's my spoiled girl that is much adored by us all.

What Does It Take to Be a Sophie Girl?Let's Play!

-Sophie’s favorite thing to do when she’s in the house is to run to the bedrooms (the ones with the made beds are particularly appealing), jump up on the bed, and roll through all of the pillows and pajamas, scattering them everywhere. Sometimes she comes out of a room with boxers around her neck!

-When she's done making a mess of the beds, she'll usually go lay down in her chair.

-Sophie loves eating garden-fresh veggies, especially carrots and cucumbers. If she doesn’t pick them herself, she will steal some veggies from someone else.

-Sophie is a bit mischievous, and she still proudly sneaks socks or rags from their places and plays with them all by herself. Luckily, she does know the "leave it" command.

-When sod edgings, big weeds, or snowballs are thrown, Sophie will leap into the air, while doing flips, kicks, and spins, and catch the clumps. Once on the ground again, Sophie will destroy them. She'll do something similar when I spray a water hose into the air, except she'll try to bite the water and nozzle, getting soaked all over.

-Oddly enough, she won't get in the dog pool and will also make every effort to walk around any puddles at home. In the field, though, she'll fly through water and not hesitate a bit about getting dirty. She's a brute in the field, and a prissy little lady at home.

-Sophie is the only dog Levi likes, the rest he just puts up with. When we say, "Go give Mr. Kitty kisses," Summer 2008Sophie will smother him apologetically, but most happily, with a good many of them. If he's had enough of the goofy dog, he'll swat at her gently and give her love bites, followed by kisses of his own. She's also been known to share her chair with him. And recently, we watched as Levi playfully batted at her tail.

Although petite, Sophie is a very proportional and balanced dog. She has the smaller size (around 35 lbs) that many hunters are looking for but still has classic field setter characteristics. She has smooth, fine lines, a broad, deep chest with good ribcage shape, well built legs, and a high set tail. She has soft but dramatic eyes, which add to her very pleasing appearance, and she moves out nicely. Sophie's fineness in build is matched by her dainty and graceful actions. Although finely built, she is a tough, hardy, and muscular bitch, bred for strenuous field work.
This pretty bitch adds a definition and athleticism to her pups.


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