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Whelped May 31, 2009- White, Black, and Tan Ticked- FDSB #1641258

*OFA Hips Good (Sept 2014). OFA Eyes Normal (Aug 2014), OFA Thyroid Normal (Aug 2014)
OFA Elbows (Sept 2014): one normal, one Grade I DJD: based on these results, Remi will not be bred.

AboutJuly 26th, First evening home.

We picked up our new eight week old boy on July 26th from PDX, where he flew in from Minnesota. After an hour of playtime at a family member's house in Portland, Remi rode in his crate the three hours home without so much as a whimper. He met about nine people his first day and was very confident and friendly with every encounter. Once home, he continued to take everything in stride, exploring and getting familiar with the other dogs. It was apparent that Remi really liked the water and got into the wading pool and investigated every sprinkler and hose that we'd gotten out. And what a bold little pup he as! Heights didn't scare him, and he quickly found ways to navigate obstacles.

Hunting and Training
Remi was started on birds when he was about twelve weeks old and was a natural, of course! Within the course of two days' brief sessions, he was finding birds, pointing on scent, introduced to a blank gun while chasing and playing with a bird, and made his first puppy retrieve with a live bird to hand. Since then we'd done a few more light sessions of working on planted quail and multiple outtings to fields to just explore and work on basics like recall, heel, and simple whoas. He was excellent about making sure he knows where the handler is at, and although pretty close ranged as a pup, more time/experience in the field gave him confidence to get out there. Four months old pointing quail.

Remi finished three months of training in Idaho, in September 2010, under the experienced, gentle hands of R. Middleton. He did great and is a "cracker jack," as his trainer called him. Remi has great stamina and drive. He'd been working on yard work during this starting process, but to build confidence and experience, he got to go hunt up released and wild birds throughout the weeks. Without any commands, since he was only still learning whoa and retrieving, he held his birds well through the shot and had natural retrieves.

We were excited to see how he continued to develop this hunting season. In the end, we were very satisfied with how he was turning out in the field during our hunt season, with his nice handling, great bird finding, and solid pointing. Rick and I really enjoyed hunting over him in 2011 and 2012, although it was all Rick 'n Remi in 2013. He is all business in the field and very skilled. He's works hard and enthusiastically, and his athleticism really shines through when he is hunting. He's very easy to handle when we take him out. His range is medium, typically less than 200 yards--we've purposely allowed him to stay out, but he keeps it comfortable depending on the cover. Rem has a nice 11-12 o'clock tail on most points, strong prey drive, and an excellent nose that he uses well.

September 2010As a youngster, Remi was determined, super playful, confident, friendly, and we'll admit, a bit of a brute! He had his clumsymoments, too. Somehow mixed into that, he was a bit lazy... but he's more active/athletic as an adult. What was nice was that he was easily crate trained and never complained when he had to take breaks/naps in the carrier. He was also a great traveller from the beginning. He was eager to play with Sophie's litter, which was always too tiny for him, being bigger and rougher, as he also was eager also to play with the big dogs, none of whom wanted a new buddy. At around five months old, though, Morgan took him under her wing and now they are best friends, wrestling and keeping watch over the property together.

Today, Remi is all those traits described, but also more sensible, with improved manners! He is easy going, playful, and very social. He's a smart boy and easy to teach. He is highly food and praise motivated. He loves the water, has his proud moments, and is not overly sensitive (yet very responsive). Remi is a shadow of a dog, following and hanging out with anybody who is outside, and he thrives on attention. He's not as gentle and graceful as our other dogs (think bull in a china shop), but he is great with his two and four legged friends. He wants to be loved by everyone! When we take him places, he is very curious and wants to explore and greet. Basically, Remi is like a big cuddly teddy bear that is ready to play, look for mice and tweetie birds after he gets a few loves from us, and of course, go do his thing in the field. May 25, 2014

Remi developed into a gorgeous, heavy boned dog! At his mature height now, he is a little taller than Jake and weighs more due to his huskier, thicker build. He is about 65 pounds, and like his brother Agate, is built like a tank-- sturdy. All of his legs are straight, his chest is broad and deep, and he's got a nice tailset. His head has good overall shape and appears handsome and sweet. His muzzle is on the shorter side and his head is broad. He's got a good bite. Of course, he's got Royal's eyes, which are very expressive and pretty. His coat is amazing; it's fairly long and has a wirey, yet extraordinarily soft and thick texture. He is a very handsome dog and gets compliments all the time.




NLGDC CH Sir Royal Flush

OFA Good Hips
OFA Normal Elbows
OFA Normal Thyroid

Producer of multiple NLGDC CH, as well as an AF CH, AKC FC

King's Royacelle IV King's Royacelle III King's Royacelle II King's Royacelle
King's Lady Gladstone
King's Royal Alicelle King's Royacelle
King's Royal Candy
King's Royacelle Alice King's Royacelle III King's Royacelle II
King's Royal Alicelle
King's Royacelle Diggy King's Royacelle II
King's Blizzard Doll
Kimmery's JJ King's Gladstonyo Jack King's Black Gladstonyo King's Tony O
King's Blizzard Glaze
King's Tonyo Lady King's Hightone Tony
King's Lady Tony-O
King's Gladstonyo Jackie King's Black Glastonyo King's Tony O
King's Blizzard Glaze
King's Tonyo Lady Kin'gs Hightone Tony
King's Lady Tony-O
Cash's Highfly'n Sadie

NSTRA CH Autrys Rowdy Cash


Straight Creek Speck Count Toby Count Otho II
Jettie Ann
Straight Creek Babe Bob's Big Bud
Little Wind'em Missy
Autumn Gold Stubbie Mike Dashing Iron Mike
Lady Amy Bondhu
Autumn Wishes Irishking Bondhu Ashly
Oh Peggy Sue

NLGDC CH Princess Saffire Jewel

OFA Excellent Hips
OFA Normal Elbows

Irishking Bondhu Ashly Machad Ambassador Cloncurragh Connie
Blink Bondhu
Bickers Bondhu Ann Dashing Barry Bondhu
Bondhu Alder Mist
Countess Latess Bondhu Count Jim Count Otho II
Ammons Shabeba Bondhu Machad Ambassador
Bickers Bondhu Eve


Seven weeks old pre-RLS. First evening home, laying with Morgan. July 26th. July 28th, Checking out the puppies....
If Only Rem Could Play with the Babies... July 28th Remi, aka Mr. Popular, hanging out with his puppies. Aug 1st. Aug 8th... Our handsome boy!
Aug 8th. Here we are! RLS's male model... Aug 8th. Remi Boy. Aug 8th.
So handsome. 10 weeks old, Aug 8th. What did I do wrong?  (Nothing this time....) 10 wks 10 weeks old
Point on planted quail... learning to use his nose. Aug 9th First retrieve, live quail. Aug 9th. Thanks Tom!!! Scent pointing live planted quail. Aug 9th
He found it again! Aug 9th. Pointing live quail. Another point.  A lot of fun today! Aug 9th. Pointing alongside Tom. Big thanks to him for the help! Aug 9th.
Aug 10: Remi Vs Praying Mantis Aug 10: The match is still on... bugs can keep him occupied for a LONG time! 8.9NappingNexttoDad
Aug 14: Laying in the middle of the kitchen... Please walk around! Aug 14: Relocated to next to Mom, while she does the dishes.... Aug 25: Pointing tied quail in the garden for fun.
Aug 25: Pointing tied quail in the garden.... Aug 25: Rem found that bird again.... Aug 25: Showing off his pretty point with a quail.
Aug 28: Silly boy! I think it's cooler under there, though.... Aug 28: Oh Remi.... What a cutie! Aug 28: Thinkin' about this new scene....
Aug 28: In the mountains.... Aug 28: First outting to the woods Aug 28: Another point... at what, I don't know but not a bird... :)
Aug 28: So many things to point at! Aug 28: What's that?! 8.30 Sleeping where it's cool....
8.30 Wrestlin' with Harry is Tiresome! Sept 2: Remi with Sophie and Saika's litter. Sept 2: Of course, he had to be center of attention during the LITTER photo shoot...!
Sept 25: First cast off of the session... let's get that bird! Sept 25: Rem hunting the quail we planted. Sept 25: Point on planted quail.
Sept 25: Honing in on planted quail... a lil close but this quail wasn't a good flyer.... Sept 25: Another bird found. Sept 25: Nice point Pup!
Sept 25: On point before we flushed the bird.... Sept 25: Another great point on the planted quail! Nov 7: No, he didn't find a bird... it was a vertebrae section.
Nov 7: See what I found, Mom?! Nov 7: Rem with his Gross Find of the Day.... Nov 7: Munching on that skeleton chunk... Mmmm. I wish there were birds in the field that day!
Dec 31: Pretty boy! Dec 31: Here come Morgan and Rem! Dec 31: Remi and Champ Watching Something Interesting... apparently.
Dec 31: Champ vs Remi... It's On! Dec 31: Sizing each other up.... Dec 31: Our three boys... Champ, Jake, Remi. (Sharing Jake's Rawhide.)
Dec 31: Rem with his treat. Dec 31: Jake and Remi... See how big Rem is? Seven months old! Dec 31: Champ says, "Come'on! Play with me Remi! Stop chewing on that!"
Dec 31: OK, not his most intelligent look....  Funny face :0) Dec 31: Hi Rem! Dec 31: Our handsome guy.
Dec 31: Hi Mom! Dec 31: Okay, we're done playing.... Let us inside, please? Okay, rather than caption each of the following pics like I've done above, the following set was taken during our outting on January 17th. We didn't come across any real birds, but it was a good day nonetheless. I was a little camera happy because our guy is just so darn handsome!
The next set of photos is from February 6th or 7th (I can't remember...) when my dad and I took Remi to Hat Rock.
Febr. 2010
Remi's First Birthday Photos! Remi's First Birthday! Handsome Boy!
Remi's First Birthday! Hi! The Following Photos are of Remi in training and his following hunt season in 2010. Summer 2010.
Summer 2010. Fall 2010 Fall 2010, retrieving.
Backing, Fall 2010. Backing, Fall 2010. Remi with Dad, Fall 2010.
Fall 2010, on pheasant. Fall 2010, on pheasant. Fall 2010, on quail.
The following are individually labeled.
Winter 2010 with Champ
Remi with Izzy, a foster pup. Summer 2011.
Remi with Izzy, a foster pup. Summer 2011
Remi and Izzy, a foster pup. Summer 2011
Fall 2011 Silly Field Photo
Winter 2011-2012.
Remi and Champ on watchdog duty.
Shop Buddy. 2012.
Summer 2012 with Rick and Jake
Remi and Jake, May 2012
Summer 2012
"Guard Dog" 2012
Remi and Rick, opening morning 2012
November 2012
Tired after a hard day of work. 2012
Fall 2012
November 2012
Fall 2012
Christmas 2012
Christmas 2012
May 2013
May 2013 May 25, 2014 May 25, 2014


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