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Whelped June 18, 2004 - White, Black & Tan Ticked - FDSB Registered - DNA Certified - OFA Good Hips


Hunting and Training
Morgan is an intense hunting dog that runs hard and will go through any cover. This girl has tons of heart and would gladly hunt 'til she drops, if asked to. She is focused on her job and also pays attention to the other dogs to honor their points. Morgan has a beautiful point that is stylish, intense, and solid, with a 10-12 o'clock Morgan 2006tail. She has a natural quarter pattern but hits objectives. She is a joy to handle, very biddable, and will stay easily in at a closer range when asked but has the motor and drive to hunt out farther. Morgan also loves to retrieve but hasn't been force broke. From the very beginning, though, we've been proud of her incredible natural instincts in the field. When she was four months old, on one of her first hunts on wild quail, Morgan honored five points and had one point all by herself! She loves hunting and has enough stamina & tolerance to run in the extreme high and low temperatures of Eastern Oregon. Morgan definitely is a fun dog to take hunting.

Morgan has a wonderful temperament that is playful, sweet, and laid-back. She shows a lot of patience towards people and is very social. Morgan is funny dog and loves romp around with anyone who's willing to play, but her best bud is Remi. Inside the house, she is extremely mellow and will pretty much just follow the family around and lay down near them. Outside, she is always on the go. She stays busy running around like a wild woman, hunting tweeties, mousing (she's good at that), and finding places that are safe enough for her food reserve. She absolutely loves her family and is very friendly with all of us. Morgan is easy to travel with and is pretty adaptable in different situations. She gets along well with all of our dogs. She has a softer temperament and responds well and attentively to voice and body language. Like the other dogs, she is a guardian of our property but is Mmmmm... Fresh from the garden!easily handled verbally and does nothing more than bark when people come over. Once she sees us welcome the person, she is fine with them, and she's does well with children.
Morgan is a smart dog and learns things very quickly. She has easily transitioned into the house dog and loves to carry around her plush toys. She even snuggles with her toys on her pillow on my parents' bed.

What does Morgan Ann like?

-The one thing that really stands out from the other dogs here is her very primitive-like resourcefulness; she is constantly sneaking food and treats away to be buried (inside the house and outside). You can always tell when she's got food to be buried, not only because of her slightly bulging cheeks but also by the sly and alert look in her eyes. She's got stuff stashed everywhere and she'll later uncover food to eat most of it. Of course, she'll rebury food if she thinks the location has been discovered. This all works well for treats and bones, but not so well for kibble.... And if she's intent on burying a special mystery item, all I have to ask her is "what do you have Morgan" and she'll bring it over for investigation and repossession if I deem fit.

-Morgan loves to play in water. She will even retrieve rocks at the bottom of their pool by sticking her whole face underwater, forcing her to breathe out through her nose. This crazy dog will get in a trough of water in 40 degree days... as much as we'd prefer her not to.

-Morgan loves vegetables that are picked by the dogs from the garden. Some of her favorite veggies are cucumbers, squash, potatoes, carrots, and zuccinni.

-If she’s in an especially happy about something, Morgan likes to greet us with a pleased, soft growl that’s more like a cat’s purr. She also does a cute half-faced, crooked smile.Morgan, Summer 2008

-Morgan loves her stuffed fuzzy butterfly and piggy toy and will get it out of the basket, so she can have it on the bed with her to groom or snuggle. She usually will get out a couple toys actually but leave them scattered on the floor or carry them around.

Morgan is an incredibly beautiful Llewellin whose conformation we really prefer and will strive to breed for in the future. She is of medium height with a sturdier build. Morgan has nice lines and a proportionate, well-balanced body, which is definitely adaptable for the rigors in the field. She has great movement and carriage. Her coat ticking and feathering suit her very well, and she has soft, bright eyes set in a very handsome head. Overall, she's very pleasing to the eye.


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