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Oct. 11, 1999 through July 21, 2012- White, Black & Tan Ticked - FDSB Registered - DNA Certified - OFA Good Hips


Hunting and Training
Jake had proven himself to be an excellent bird dog, especially on pheasant. He had a lot of natural talent in the field and loved every minute of hunting. No terrain or cover hindered Jake's hunting ability. Jake kept contact with his handlers and was easy to direct. Jake had great bird sense and knew how to keep a bird in its place. His points were solid with about a 10 o'clock tail. Jacob naturally quartered the field in a thorough manner, checked shrub/hedgerows, and and he was our Hunting in 2003best natural retriever. He had also been taught to follow hand signals while hunting.

Once the season opens, Jake was always ready to hit the fields; he slowed down in his senior years, mostly due to his conditioning and later some arthritis.... But this dedicated guy would wait in the truck/dog crate for hours just waiting to go hunting and would be clearly sulking if he didn't. For as long as he could, we still took him hunting. He'd certainly earned it, both for being a great hunter and family dog himself and for producing some awesome pups, and it truly saddens us that he wasn't able to go his last years. He was one bird crazy boy.

On top of hunting, Jake had been taught basic and more difficult commands and tricks. He also did well with agility off lead, and he seemed to enjoy it.

Everybody that met Jacob loved his easy-going, good natured, loving personality. At home, he was calm, affectionate, happy, laid-back, and lovable. His patience exceeded that of most dogs, and he would do anything to please people. Being easy to train and very intelligent, Jake learned over forty cues over the years even with our inexperienced training. Jake had not an ounce of aggression or meanness, although he would get territorial with wandering adult males. Yet was fine with unfamiliar dogs when he went places with us and was a joy to travel with. He was also great, gentle, and patient with the puppies. Jake was just happy to be around people and be acknowledged. He was our most gentle and mellow dog around young children. Jake's super temperament makes him a great dog for the family and field.

What's so special about Jacob?

-Whenever Jake sat down next to someone, he loved it when they let him "shake" or lay his paw on their lap, or lean against them for a good petting. He really soaked up attention.

-Jake used to keep his lookout from the top of his doghouse so we called him Snoopy.

-One of Jake’s favorite summer pastimes was pointing at crickets and flies. He once held a bug for about ten minutes without moving. He grew out of it, though, and now just tries to join in the games when Sophie and Morgan play. (They're a pretty exclusive crowd.)Taken around 2003

-Jake has a two legged buddy named Jake, a young son of a friend of ours. He was just three when they met and five now, and Jake is very fond of the dog that "has his same name." His favorite thing to do at our house is petting the kind old dog.

Conformation and Health
Jake was a very handsome, classy dog, with a well-built, balanced body. He had really great movement and was very athletic. Jake was conformationally correct to the ES standard, but for obvious function, he has less feathering, a higher set tail (but the lowest of our dogs), and was a little more coarse/sturdily built. Jake had the classic, noble, English look and a soft, wise looking face.

In his prime, Jake was a very healthy, hardy, tough dog--never sick or lame. In 2010, he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, after a dramatic increase in drinking and appetite/weight, which we suspect had been affecting him for a couple years prior with coat/skin symptoms. This endocrine disorder overlapped with Cushings Syndrome, which he was diagnosed with in mid 2011, although we think this started quite earlier, looking back at his coat changes. He lost much of his eyesight rather quickly in Spring of 2012, likely a side effect of Cushings. By that time, too, we was deaf, which occured gradually over his last year. He had some arthritis in his joints that was manageable. Of course, he was being treated medicinally for all of these conditions. In April 2012, he suffered from what was probably too high a dose of his trilostane, although we retested regularly; he "crashed" and stayed at the clinic; when he returned home we were faced with the decision of putting him to sleep. However, I had come home for the summer and was able to dedicate my days (and nights) to nursing him, and he improved slightly and was able to be maintained [we hope] fairly comfortably for his last couple months. We were looking into a hypothyroid panel that would indicate whether he had the genetic autoimmune form of the disease or if it was just a side effect of the Cushings, but he passed away suddenly (possibly a heart attack or embolism) before we had him tested. (We have information and links about all of these conditions on our About Llewellins page.)


Thompson's Bondhu Chase

OFA Good

Irishking Bondhu Ashly Machad Ambassador Cloncurragh Connie

Cloncurragh Jasper

Scinn Amach Storm
Blink Bondhu Shag Bondhu
Dashing Mali Bondhi
Bickers Bondhu Ann Dashing barry Bondhu Dashing Jay Bondhu
Glenhigh Sugar
Bondhu Alder Mist Dashing Paley Bondhu
Dashing Vickie Bondhu
Irishking Bondhu Scoti Advie Mat Vagabond King Cloncurragh Connie
Cloncurragh Babe
Advie Peggy Sue Cloncurragh Connie
Mai of Joes
Wing Tip Will's Highland Pride Highland Bandit Bondhu
Chappy's Sugar Babe
Will's Molly Bondhu Spiers Prince Bondhu
Sugar Doll Bondhu

Blue Angel Annibelle

OFA Fair

Angus Wily Assrah Wily
Glenowlen Bracken Clenroch Prince
Glenowlen White Healther
Blackthorn Ike Llew
Clonacody Penny
Bev's Bent Creekj Nutcracker Bondhu Jet Bondhu
Dashing Megan Bondhu
Tallman Dashing Freckles
Lightnin Gladstonyo Fox King's Black Gladstonyo King's Tony O King's Hightone Tony
King's Lady Tonyo
King's Blizzard Glaze King's Royacelle
Blizzard's White Heaven
King's Tony Lady King's Hightone Tony Doan's Bombardier
Blizzard's Copper Penny
King's Lady Tonyo Doan's Bombardier
King's Blizzard Tiny


The below photos' captions can be viewed by hovering over them. There are not many yet of Jake when he was younger because those photos were not digital. We will scan and post as our time allows.

Jake and Sophie, 2002.
Jake and Sophie hunting in 2003. Jake pointing on right. Soph backing.
Jake and Rick at the start of a hunt.
Jake leading a pup on a hunt. 2004.
Jake pointing, two pups backing. 2004.
Point. Date unknnown but probably 2002-2003.
Cooling down on a hunt.
Hanging out in the back of the Suburban.
Jake pointing.Fall 2006
July 2007
Summer 2008
Summer 2008
Summer 2008
Summer 2008
Jake and Brodhi, Summer 2008.
Jake and Brodhi, Summer 2008.
Jake and Brodhi, Summer 2008.
Waiting for his next hunt. Fall 2008.
Winter 2008
Winter 2008
Jake and Ringo, Summer 2009.
Jake, Bella, and Fancy, Summer 2009.
Jake, Maddie, and Champ, Summer 2009.
Attack of the pup! Summer 2009.
Jake and Bella, Summer 2009.
Est. 2009.
Est. 2010. Hanging out in the shop.
Jake, Champ, and Remi napping. Est. 2010-2011.
Est. 2011
Christmas 2011
Christmas 2011
March 2012. The boys napping on the patio.
Late winter/early spring, 2012.
Est. late winter 2012.
April 29, 2012. Spending what we thought was one of our last days with him after a Cushings related hospital stay.
April 29, 2012.
April 29, 2012. We left the catheter in while we made the decision whether or not to euthanize him...
April 29, 2012.
April 30, 2012. Another tough day but we spent it together.
May 13, 2012.  Intensive nursing kept him going... here he is with Rick and Remi.
May 16, 2012. Jake's area on the patio, blocked by planters so he wouldn't fall off (blind). Sleeping with the boys....
June 15, 2012. One of our last photos of our sweet old man on a cooling mat.

Forever in our hearts and memories. We love you Jake.



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