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Meet Champ! He's our unexpected, but much-loved, addition to the family and now spends his days as the spoiled companion dog. He had a rough start in life which led to him staying with us a bit longer, and after an even more unfortunate accident just following the recovery from his second surgery, whether or not he would stay with us was no longer in question. He took up a permanent place in our hearts and lives.

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Hunting and Training
When we took the litter out to the farm for the first time, it was usually Champ who was out the furthest, courageously exploring the field on his own. He went nuts over the quail we had in the cage, and ever since has been bird-crazy. When he was about ten weeks old, we planted quail for him, and he quickly got the name of the game and was hunting and finding it. He did have an inclination to want to sight point after he scented it and tended to creep. As he was just a pup, we let him do it his way and flushed the bird before he got to it. We couldn't let him chase because it was a poor flyer. It was a fun experience and we were able to see what he had before his long break from the field for health reasons. After recovery, I would take him to parks and let him chase the crows and robins. He loved it! He'd sight point and chase to his untrained heart's content!

In February 2010, we felt that he was in good enough health to take him out to a hunting area back home, and that could very well have been the happiest day of his life. He had so much fun and was absolutely in his April 2013element. He had a great natural pattern and worked out to our front very well, confidently went out around 50-75yds and would consistently look back and make sure we were in sight and following. Champ was very bold about going through thick brush on his own, too; no encouragement from us needed. He was easily to redirect when we changed directions, if he didn't notice and do it on his own. He did a lot of running, but sure enough, he'd catch scent of something and reduce his pace to work the area better. He still wanted to flash and sight point, then chase the tweeties, but there was no other game to be had that day. It would just take some training sessions on real birds to remind him that it's the nose, not his eyes, that he needs to be depending on for birds. He was very flashy to watch, too, and keeps a snappy tail and fast, graceful movement. His stamina was very good and didn't slow down the slightest before we had to drag him off the field (rather, he dragged us, wanting more hunting time). He's a lot like his mother, Sophie.

He got to go out once more in the rugged terrain before we decided it would be best for his health not to use him for hunting. He has a very weak abdominal wall from repeated surgeries. The doctors aren't comfortable with operating again yet, and we are not comforable hunting him with that condition. It does make us feel guilty that he doesn't get to do what he makes him happiest, but we try to make up for it with fun outings to parks, fields, and trails that he can explore on long lines. He also just enjoys typical pet activities like walks, running errands, going to farmers' markets, going to the Coast, etc. Champ was the first of our dogs to be taught exclusively using marker training and he really enjoys it. Our daily training is one of his favorite activities, and he is very engaged and learns quickly. We do a lot of obedience work, retrieving, service skills, and tricks. We are currently working towards his CGC and Trick Dog titles, and we hope to eventually compete in Rally and Rally-frEe.

Champ is a one of a kind "brat dog." He is particular, moody, needy (yet independent), and sensitive. He's not overly affectionate, and well, he's not one of those "gentle souls." When he is uncomfortable with something, he'll let us know, rather than dealing with it like our other dogs. Yet, I cannot express how much I love his personality and how much he has taught us. Champ loves playing and entertaining, just like his mother, and sometimes I have to wonder if he has some "inside jokes." He is very outgoing, bold, and inquisitive when outdoors exploring, and he is very serious about his bird and squirrel "hunting" wherever we are. He is still very attached to me and prefers to have free access to where I am at. In rare treasured moments, he will lay his head on me, but usually he is content to just be laying somewhere next to her. He adores the rest of the family, too, and brims over with excitement when he sees them. He's very spirited, uninhibited, and intelligent, and he is always up for "brain work" be it training or a puzzle. For physical games, Champ loves a good tag/chase with dogs or people, tug, and playing with his Kyjen hedgehog toy. In general he is a friendly and social dog, but he also can be sensitive and anxious in certain situations and with certain handling. We have worked hard to overcome most of his fears, and he shows trust in us much more these days.

Champ has grown into his body and has overall acceptable conformation. He has some traits that are flaws in my eyes, so even without his congenital issues I wouldn't have used him in our program. Some of the traits are not a big deal to others (ie his tail curves more than I like), but he's just not the overall type I prefer. (That said, I still think he is very handsome and adorable!) For awhile I was concerned about what I called his "cow hips," but our vets said the structure was completely normal and his radiographs looked good. He has matured to about 45 lbs. His coat is very soft with good feathering on his legs and tail. Champ has an effortless gait and is very agile.

Champ had a full thyroid panel tested by Hemopet in 2012, and the results came back normal.


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Photos - For his "baby" puppy photos, please see his Past Litters section page, here.

Champ Champ Champ
Champ Champ Champ
Champ Champ Oct 6th
October 6th... My handsome boy.October 6th. The Look.Oct 16th: Champ's first weekend home and at his lowest, physically.
Oct 24th: First day of "walking" or using all four legs! October 28th Oct 28
October 28th Nov 7: Champ loves Morgan! Nov 7th: It's Good to be Back!
Nov 7th: Soph and Champ Ganging Up on Jake Nov 7th: Champ sharing Jake's RMB Nov 8: Pretty boy!
Nov 8: He's wearing his Patron St. Francesco medallion from Dave and Mary! (Thank you!)
Nov 8: Such a sad face....
Nov 8: Champ wishes he could go outside to play with the big dogs....
Nov 8: Chelsea, Champ, and Sophie, who is just about to escape Chelsea's grasp and wrestle Champ!
Nov 8: Turning around to [try to]  keep up with Morgan.
Nov 8: Champ!
Nov 8: There he goes!
Nov 8: In the garden, watching Morgan.
Nov 8: Enjoying the run through the garden!
November 8th: Mr. Sleepy Head
Nov 9: Going for a walk in Corvallis, wearing his fleece blanket that Chelsea made :0)
Nov 13: Champ decided a nap sounded good.
Nov 13: Champ does fit on the ottoman! Dec 4th: What a great view!  He'll be a looker in the field! Dec 4th: Look at that cutie! There are a bunch of birds about 40 ft away.
Dec 4th: Pointing the birdies.  He loves 'em! Hide and Seek, Around and Around the Tree Game of Chase, Dec 11th.
The fight is on! Just having fun.... Show down.
Champ Takes Remi Down! Nov 14th: Dad's Weekend at OSU (Plus our moms!) Nov 14th: Hanging Out on Chels before the game!
Nov 13: Downtown Corvallis with Family Nov 26th: Dad, Champ and Me Nov 26: Dad and Champ
Nov 27th: Logan and Champ Dec 31st: Logan and Champ Dec 31st: Champ's Christmas Pic
Dec 31: Playing with Rem Dec 31: Trying to get that rawhide from Rem! Dec 31st: Brrrrrr
Jan 5: Champ Snuggling with Moe Jan 20: Champ and his mama sleeping in Corvallis Jan 20: Soph and her boy Champ hanging out in Corvallis
January 23rd. Snuggling with Kim Jan 30: Champers. See his four spots in a diamond shape? Jan 30: Pretty Boy Champ!
Feb 1: Champ 'n Moe smoochin'. :0) Feb 1st: Champ and Moe... buds. Feb 14: I'm Outta Here!
Feb 14: Photo op in the field! Feb 14: Coming back to me... with bat-wing ears. Feb 14: Going thru some brush.
Feb 14: See his tail? Nice. Feb 14: Getting in some cover. Feb 14: Hunting the brush.
Feb 14: Leaping thru the cover.... Feb 14: He sees something in the distance. Feb 14
Feb 14: Field Pose Feb 14: His Gazelle impression. Feb 14: Checking on Chelsea
Feb 14: Pretty cute pup.

Wow! These photos are old--from 2009-2010! I have some major updating to do.... The photos up in his description are from 2013. "Friend" Chelsea on Facebook for photos galore of Champ, Sophie, and Elsie.







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