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Abigail, Almost One Year Old.
Abby at about six months old.
Abby setting in to her new home in Alaska, 9 wks old.
Bravely exploring Uncle Don's yard in Portland before her flight to AK, 9 wks old.
9 wks old, in Uncle Don's yard at Portland before flying to AK
9 wks old, Exploring Uncle Don's Yard in Portland before Flying Out to AK
Nine Weeks Old, Last night at RLS
9 wks old, Last Night at RLS, Getting toys out
9 wks old, Pestering Levi
9 wks old, All dry from bathtime.
9 wks old, almost dry now!
Fresh from a bath, 9 wks old
9 wks old, on Dad's lap.
Giving Logan Loves, 9 wks old.
Getting Loves from Logan, Last night here
What a sly looking girl!
Nine Weeks Old, playing with a tiny toy, Last Night at RLS
Nine Weeks Old, Last Day at RLS
8 Weeks Old
Six Weeks Old
Six weeks old, chewing a rawhide
Six Weeks Old
Six Weeks Old
Five Weeks Old, Just Looking Pretty
Miss Abby Smiling, 4.5 weeks old
4.5 Weeks Old in the Whelping Box
4.5 wks old, in the Whelping Box
Three Weeks Old
Two and a Half Weeks Old
Two and a Half Weeks Old
Two Weeks Old
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One Week Old


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